South Africa – 2014

David Sargent Life, Scenery, Travel

So Easter this year brought about another Mission Trip to SA; and as per usual I took my DSLR along to do some filming and photography. This year though, I also took my new Fuji X100s as a light alternative I could just carry around with me when I didn’t feel like lugging my Canon around.

Because I was scared that my Fuji would go missing/ get stolen or ruined, I kept it on me at all times and I’m so glad that I did as I managed to capture moments that I would have otherwise missed.

Over the course of the 2 weeks, I became even more familiar with the camera, testing it to it’s limits in low light. As for my DSLR, I didn’t touch it. It stayed in my bag the entire time.

I shot in RAW and used Replichrome Lightroom Presets in Post Prod. Here are a selection of my favourite images.