Minolta Develops | Using 35mm Film

David Sargent Life

I received a film camera for Christmas a couple of years ago, but actually finishing the films took until this year.

I find myself thinking that a shot "wasn't worthy" of the limited number of film photos I could take, or that I could take better photos on my digital cameras.

But after finally finishing both rolls, getting them developed, I was pleasantly surprised. Over half the shots on my first roll (B&W) were unusable (that wasn't the surprising part) as I'd overexposed them - but the timelessness of the ones that did come out shone through. Despite taking these photos in 2016, only 2 years ago, they already invoked the same nostalgia that I feel for photos of me as a child.

The colour film fared better, and it is refreshing not to have to edit the images at all - no filters or colour correction to (somewhat ironically) make them look like film. They already were.

So I've ordered 2 more rolls of film... lets hope I use these ones a bit quicker... although maybe that doesn't really matter.