Coffee Shop | Just JPEG

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I've always used RAW for processing my Digital images, because I thought that it would give me the most control, and I like to be in control of everything.

After recently watching some blogs on custom settings and in-built presets for Fuji cameras, I decided to set them up myself for my x100s and X-Pro2. It was previously so disappointing to see the glorious Fuji colours appear in Lightroom as the preview was being built, only to fade away and be replaced with the flat RAW image.. something that I then tried my hardest to emulate.

It was a sunny summer evening and the light was streaming through the back door of the coffee shop we were all sat in, hitting people's faces in all the right places. Using spot metering (another thing I'd been looking to improve my skills at) and my new JPEG settings in my x100s, I captured the below images. And I didn't need to edit them at all afterwards. It's somewhat refreshing knowing that what I see through the camera will be the final output. Plus, now that Lightroom Mobile is even better, I just load my images straight into that, export them and post direct to instagram. It's all so much simpler now.

... I'll still be using RAW at weddings for the time being... but I think now I'll also shoot JPEGs alongside them, just to see which I end up using more.