Bristol, England
Behind the Camera

I hide behind the camera, blending into the background so that you don't notice me and I'm able to capture and document the emotion and essence of weddings and events through my photographs.

I'm a reportage, or documentary photographer - meaning I capture events as they happen, and don't interfere at all. I prefer natural shots of laughter, tears and real emotion - rather than posed photographs where you're forced to smile whilst I shout out dairy products. You probably won't even realise that I'm around most of the time.

I can't stop taking pictures of things that I love, inspire me and make me pause for a moment in my otherwise, sort of busy day-to-day life.

As well as photography, I love web development, coffee, long walks and exploring new places.

I'm based in the South West area but am willing to travel, and have plenty of experience in documenting events and weddings; just take a look around my portfolio. I love capturing special moments and the people that share them.

A rare photo of myself

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